My Name Is 

My Name Is


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For All Who Are Hurting

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We are all going through something.

But what matters is how we respond.

In this book, “When Losing Is Winning,” you will see how my life drastically changed forever. Discover how my family and I responded to this tragedy, and see how we survived through God’s grace and love.

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Why am I smiling?

I’ve been through a lot, and still have my own struggles, but I still find joy in life.

Let me be an encouragement to you.

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The Book is free, and downloads to any device as a PDF. Read on a desktop or even your mobile phone.

Discover What Happened

“At that moment, the cardiologist, Dr. Birahah, walked in, took one look at Daniel’s chest rising and falling in labored breathing, and said, “This child is dying.'”

Gain A New Perspective

Be encouraged, understood, and validated as you read. Good chance you will want everyone you know to read it too.

Here is a short video of me sharing a little bit about my story, and a message from Sun Valley Community Church where I make an appearance!

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